We know that arranging care for your loved one can be very stressful so we are with you every step of the way.

How it works


A live in care  is a trained experienced professional who is hired to come to stay with a client and support them with their every day living activities.

Yes, live in carers expect to live at their client’s homes .

Typically, carers stay for three to four weeks at a time before taking a break. During the period they’re away we’ll arrange for a secondary carer to step in. 

Your home carer will need a spare room and will expect a similar standard of accommodation as if they were renting the room. Before their arrival, you should aim to prepare the spare room so it’s a comfortable space in which your live-in carer can retire to.

Live in carers usually take a minimum 2 hour break daily.

A live-in carer is expected to be able to have sufficient rest period during the night time (at least 8 hours’ sleep). If a live-in carer is regularly woken more than twice in the night by the person they are caring for, an additional carer may be needed to cover waking nights .

At the point of enquiry we will ask you whether you or your loved one requires a live in carer that drives. If the answer is yes, we will then match you with a carer that drives.

We offer training to all the carers we work with. However, as an introductory agency, we can’t enforce training. 

All of our carers are self employed.

Yes, the rate is double on a bank holiday as an industry standard.