We know that arranging care for your loved one can be very stressful so we are with you every step of the way.

How it works

Senius live-in care package are all about putting your family in control. We understand care can feel expensive. But our pricing makes live-in care as affordable as possible
Pick Senius Care package that’s best option for you, or for your loved one , then get to work finding the ideal cargiver to match your or your  loved one’s needs.

With our tailored live-in care packages, your needs are at the heart of our care. We understand that paying for care can be feel expensive. But we strive to ensure that our pricing makes live-in care as affordable as possible.

From our available care packages, you can select the one that’s right for you and your loved ones. Then we find the ideal caregiver(s) to suit your needs.

We offer three different live-in care packages, each individually tailored to suit your needs: our Bronz Care Package, Silvert Care Package and Gold Care Package.

Senius Care

1 - Bronz Live-In Care                                 

Our Bronz live-in care is recommended for those who need day-time companionship assistance with light household tasks and help managing basic personal care, dressing and grooming. It is also suitable for anyone who would like the reassurance offered by daily companionship.

2 - Silver Live-In Care   

Our Silver Live-in care package is recommended for those with more complex day-time needs, offering support and help with all the daytime routines that are currently included in our Silver Live-In Package, with the addition of extra assistance to manage diagnosed, underlying health conditions such as MS, CP, Parkinsonism or dementia. Our Silver live-in care package also includes manual handling as required, more extensive personal care, assistance with challenging behaviour and emergency overnight calls, as well as the option for carers to take day-time respite breaks.

3 - Gold Live-In Care    

Our Gold Live-In Care Package is designed for clients who require significant and / or specialist carer support twenty-four hours a day, either on an occasional basis or permanently. For reasons of Health and Safety and to adhere to manual
handling regulations, two carers are available to help as required and for round-the- clock assistance with personal care, dressing and grooming. Help can be given with household and domestic tasks, cooking, cleaning and shopping. Manual handling, managing challenging behaviour, and carer and respite breaks are also included. All our live-in care packages are carefully tailored to suit to your loved one’s individual needs.

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